Mood or Scene Concept

This was a work intended to convey the mood of level. It was for an underground cavern with water. My was trying to show a story concept of a war between shamanistic magic and sorcery.

This was element for the laboratory of a Necromancer building a skeletal demon.


Creature Concepts and Sketches

These are a couple of the creature concepts I have created.


Fantasy Sky Ship

Our company was the engaged in the frequent RPG discussion of how to travel long distances.
This was my concept.


Weapon Designs

Some weapons concepts I did for Diablo II, and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction:

Double Headed Axe

Single Axe

A Falchion

Small Staff


A Quick UI Concept

This was a quick concept for a possible meter to monitor Health and Runes. Two of the attributes we were considering for our game: Djinn.